The third installment in my local band series gets "strange"!

Everyone, meet Brother Strange, Brother everyone. My good friend, and Brother Strange frontman, Steve Strange describes the band this way:

Out of the dried mud banks of the Rio Grande, Black Amps ascended from the earth / Creating feedback that gave birth, to fourRock N Rollers.... With the stench of Black Sabbath smoke And saturated in AC/DC sweat And where Deep Purple runs through the veins Comes the swagger of BROTHER STRANGE.

Come get strange with the guys tonight (4/15) at the 4/20 Fest downtown in the San Carlos building (501 Texas Avenue) or, next weekend, (4/23) at the Press Bar and Kitchen. You can also hear them here anytime you like and Sunday night, during Q Connected, we'll be cranking 'em up on KLAQ!