We continue to be El Paso strong when people try to spread positivity around. Remember the dude, David Madrid? Well, he was the one behind the free coloring book. The coloring book that featured familiar characters with something that represents El Paso. Well during these challenging times David Madrid has been hard at work. He has been thinking of a new artsy project for you to enjoy. The newest addition to his collection of art you can do at home is a papercraft project.

This papercraft project will consume the hearts of those who admire anything arcade. It is the perfect kind of activity to do to help take your mind off of things. Hopefully, you won't ruin the first print out you get like I had done. You can access your free Arcade Papercraft project that you can build here. When you're coloring your mind tends to go somewhere more relaxing. I am sure David Madrid's new activity can help switch your gear from stressed to relaxed real quick.

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