Coloring can be fun for not just kids but adults too. People say that coloring actually helps relieve stress. One man has created some unique sketches for those who love to color. That man is David Madrid and he has tied in things that are local along with some of our favorite characters. For example, one of the sketches is of Yoshi and ties in the swap meet we all know and love. Since Covid-19 has put a stop on outdoor activities he jumped in to help. David Madrid also believes coloring is fun and can help the time pass by.

He offers his coloring book that you can find only online and download. After downloading you can then print the sketches at home. He offers his coloring book through The coloring book has five pages and is free of charge. Unless you feel like being generous and leave him a fair tip. I tried it out and sure enough, the coloring book is free of charge.

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