When planning a party, party themes are always tough to come up with because you want a theme that everyone will understand and a theme that everyone will enjoy, too.

Last month I attended a party that I can honestly say had the easiest and most fun theme EVER! Of course, I am a bit biased because It was my brother-in-law's birthday party and I helped my sister come up with the party theme BUT STILL! Everyone who attended understood the assignment and it made for a family friendly theme that everyone could enjoy!

Fiesta De Colores:

While scrolling through my TikTok feed one day I came across a video that showed families entering the backyard of a party and each family was dressed in one particular color.

The party theme in the video was “Fiesta De Colores” or “Party of Colors” and the theme was exactly what you think it is.

Families, couples, or even singles would choose a color. They would then find an outfit that color. The outfit didn’t need to be the color from head to toe, but you had to have something that represented your color of choice.

You would then be tasked with bringing an item for the party BUT it had to match the color you chose.

EXAMPLE: I chose the color orange, and I brought Patron Reposado because it came in an orange box and my bestie brought oranges because… who doesn't love tequila shots with oranges?!

The best part of this theme was that you didn’t have to go out and buy a new outfit that you would never wear again because you could walk into your closet, find an outfit with a solid color, and BAM! Your outfit for the Fiesta De Colores was complete.

The best part was seeing how all the families and couples would coordinate their colors with one another and what random item they would bring to the party that represented their color.

One guest chose pink. He brought pink glazed donuts with liquor bottles placed in the middle of the donuts. GENIUS.

My sister’s family chose the color green. All the finger foods at the party were the color green and she even went as far as to put green food coloring in the ranch dip to make sure she stood on track with her color coordination.

So, if you need an idea for a party theme that you know your guests will enjoy, I suggest a Fiesta De Colores. You can thank me later!

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

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