We asked for more Live PD so they're giving us more of what we want Thursdays! Yes! Not only will you be able to enjoy watching  Live PD Friday and Saturday but now Thursdays!

You may watch Live PD for the same reason I do which is possibly seeing someone you know on there. Well not only do you have to keep up with good behavior on Fridays and Saturdays but Thursdays as well! Yep! Our Thursdays just got better and could see more of our fellow El Pasoans on the A&E channel. They will begin showing more Live PD this Thursday which means more craziness that goes on in El Paso. Thursdays I normally watch our local channel Abc 7 for  Grey's Anatomy but looks like that's going to change! Watching Live PD has sometimes made me feel embarrassed for some of the people who appear on the show. I sometimes even wonder if other people who watch that aren't from El Paso see us in a strange way. They have captured moments from our drunks, homeless, and other 10-7's.

The only con about this extra day of Live PD is that we have an even bigger chance of being featured on it!

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