This is proof of what a bad move looks like when you're only meaning to do the right thing. This is about a story involving a young San Francisco Giants fan and a beautiful Dodgers fan. The Dodgers fan happens to be an older woman who was sitting right beside the small Giants fan.

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The young boy had one of the best moments in his life happen to him. What the boy did will leave you stunned and touched. Not only did the young Giants fan make us laugh but also melted our hearts. He was willing to share his proud moment with another fan but from the opposing team.

San Francisco Giants right fielder Mike Yastrzemski gifted the young boy by placing a baseball in the kid's glove. The little dude got all sorts of attention from people sitting around him. But the little Giants fan cared particularly for the attention of the woman in a Dodgers shirt right beside him.

As announcers are talking about how he's going to remember that moment for the rest of his life, the boy shocked everyone. After getting praise from the crowd he whispered something to who he was attending the game. After pointing over to the Dodgers woman, he made his ballsy move.

He handed over one of his greatest achievements freely that she misunderstood his kind gesture. She didn't realize he gave her the ball until she tried returning it to him and he denied the return. Once she realized he was giving her the ball, she was blown away and all smiles. It seemed like a bad move on her part only because she didn't realize the boy was giving her the baseball.

Now not a lot of kids at that age freely give up a prized possession like that easily. An adult would have to bribe a kid but that wasn't the case with the Giants fan. You can see the clip of the heart-warming moment featured above from Cut 4's Twitter.

I am not sure if the woman rooting for the Dodgers actually kept the baseball or if she insisted on giving it back. But, if Ruben Gonzalez's son tried giving me Cody Bellinger's cleats, I wouldn't be able to accept them. Not that I am being disrespectful but because it is something he may later kick himself later for. But take the poll if you think he made the right or wrong move giving his crush of the day his ball below.

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