The KLAQ BBQ is back and bringing you some local talent to enjoy your day at Wet-N-Wild Waterworld. We will be having tons of fun for you to participate in, including beach blanket bingo, BBQlympics, and our three food competitions. While all the food is cooking, you can jam out all three days with some amazing bands.

On Saturday, May 25th we will have:
*Prime 80's Band
*Bosse Music
*Steel Queen

On Sunday, May 26th, we will have:
*Soul Sacrifice

While on Memorial Day, May 27th, we get more of a country feel thanks to:
*The Damian Isacc Band
*Trailer Band
*Abe Mac

Get your Wet-N-Wild season pass now to enjoy all three days of the KLAQ BBQ, or pick a certain day and get your tickets for those online or at any Circle K location. If you do wait until the day of, the prices will go up at the gate.

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