Sometimes accidents happen in life especially when you're having fun at the Klaq BBQ. You may lose track of things and sometimes even your own company that you went with. Last year I attended the Klaq BBQ with my son and was so happy I didn't lose track of my kid. But another plus one of mine ended up losing his sunglasses not once but twice. Luckily he was able to get them back after losing them a second time. That is why it's never a good idea to bring your most expensive eyewear. My top 4 list shows some things you, me, and others have experienced losing at Wet N' Wild Waterworld. The top 4 things I have witnessed being lost for my own eyes are sunglasses, chanclas (flip flops), tubes, and kids. There have also been other things that have been lost at Wet N' Wild Waterworld besides the top 4. I hope you don't lose any of the top 4 while you're attending the Klaq BBQ!

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    A lot of people like wearing their best shades while having fun in the sun. But if you want to avoid losing your good pair of sunglasses, don't bring them. Instead, buy some cheapy sunglasses you wouldn't mind losing.

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    Chanclas aka Flip Flops

    Many years ago I had worn flip flops on a certain ride at Wet N' Wild. After making it safely down the slide I had lost my left flip flop. I was lucky that day when the lifeguard actually helped me locate it and found it! And yes, I made sure to note to myself to never wear them on rides again.

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    Now I honestly don't know how someone could lose their tube, but they can. For example, my dude friends have gotten tipsy and misplaced their own tubes. The good news is that the tubes can't be taken out of the park!

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    I am so thankful I didn't experience every parent's worst nightmare at the Klaq BBQ last year. It's sad to see when children are crying because they can't find their parents. Also, vice versa when the parent is in panic mode because their kid wandered off.