KLAQ 2019 - Day 2

The 2019 KLAQ BBQ heated up Wet-N-Wild with a delicious Carne Asada Competition sponsored by Taco Avocat for Day 2. Many El Pasoans joined us on May 26th to cool off on the amazing Wet-N-Wild Rides and enjoy a Sunday with friends and family. The carne asada competition was incredibly tasty for our judges and intense wait for our competitors.

As the wind picked up and threw some dirt on those still cooking for a little added seasoning, El Pasoans stayed partying with us throughout the day. As the day ended, we announced we Crowned our Carne Asada King, Guillermo Saenz and gave a special thanks to everyone who participated.

We truly do appreciate everyone who played some games with us, signed up for prizes and really enjoyed a Sunday with the KLAQ crew. We appreciate each and everyone of you and those who helped us put it all together like Wet-N-Wild Waterworld.

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