The Academy Awards will be distributed this Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Oscars Week: Documentaries
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Did you know you can actually place bets on who’s going to win the Oscars? It’s true.

There are plenty of sites that allow you to place a wager on who and what is going to take home the hardware this year.

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Here’s one. Here’s yet another.

Getty Images/ Kevin Winter
Getty Images/ Kevin Winter

What I HAVEN’T been able to find are any gambling sites that are taking “prop bet” action. Prop, or “proposition” bets, are usually talked about leading up to the Super Bowl every year.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The nature of these prop bets ranges from fairly straightforward (which team will score first?) to long-shots (will either team score a safety?) to the silly (what color will the Gatorade be that gets dumped on the winning coach?) All of these are real bets that people have made.

But there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent for Hollywood’s Biggest Night.

As a massive fan of both movies, and gambling, I’d like to change that. Here’s what I’ve got.

“SLAP” Bets

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock after a joke at the 2022 Academy Awards Ceremony
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The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has already announced that security measures will be added to prevent any more slapping at the Awards. Let’s put out some odds anyway.

Will ANYONE get slapped?  +1200

Will host Jimmy Kimmel reference “the slap”? + 1000

Will a PRESENTER reference “the slap”?    +800

Will a RECIPIENT reference “the slap”?        -500


Oscars Statues Lined Up
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Will Austin Butler still be talking in that “Elvis” accent? -1500

Will Brendan Frasier use a mobility scooter on the red carpet? +500

Will Key Hu Quan jump into Steven Spielberg’s arms and hug him like a pygmy marmoset? -800

Will ANYONE straight up admit that no one watched “Triangle of Sadness”? -1200

Will Will Smith try to sneak into the Oscars wearing a Guillermo del Toro disguise? +250


86th Annual Academy Awards - Show
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Fine. I’m going to throw it out there anyway.

Will Halyna Hutchins be included in the “In Memoriam” segment? And, if so, will the camera pan to Alec Baldwin?

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