PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi suggested in an interview that Doritos would unveil a special Doritos for women because women apparently hate how loud Doritos crunch and how they leave the orange dust as evidence on our fingers. Also, they were going to package Doritos in special small bags so that women could put them in their purse, I won't lie, that one sounds appealing to me because I love putting snacks in my purse just in case of emergencies. Well, people went nuts. Protests happened, boycotts were planned and parodies were a plenty. And even Doritos, who were probably like "keep my name out ya mouth!" thought the idea was ridiculous because they clapped back with this tweet:

Well, no surprise that PepsiCo had to take back the comments and say that they're not actually developing "Lady Doritos." Well, that didn't stop all the parodies and it certainly didn't stop the MoSho from sharing this educational video on how women and men eat Doritos.

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