Doritos in select Canadian cities offered a Doritos Ketchup rose bouquet for that special someone in your life. The bouquets sold out almost instantly too!

Ever wondered what the get the loved one in your life for Valentine's Day? Sure, there's the usual chocolates, jewelry, lingerie and flowers but it can be boring. Every year, the same pseudo-romantic presents. Sometimes you just want a present that is unique, original and delicious that your babe can enjoy.

Please let me introduce you to the Doritos rose bouquet.

This gorgeous and hilarious bouquet of roses was introduced to select cities in Canada earlier this month and the response was instant. Doritos lovers were obsessed with the ketchup, yes you read that right KETCHUP, flavored chips. All 12 long-stemmed "roses" are put together with hand-picked chips and plenty of love. Perfect for the food loving girl or guy in your life.

The deal quickly sold out in the three cities they were being offered in. Check out the video above to see what we're all going to be missing out on this Valentine's Day. If these were released in cities in the United States, foodies all over would salivate for some cool ranch roses in their life. Don't think I could get on the ketchup flavored chip band wagon.

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