On Sunday, January 2nd, two teams will face off at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami for Super Bowl LIV. We don't know who those teams are yet, but we are getting closer to finding out. One thing is for sure, the new commercials are about to take over. As if the commercials weren't already a big deal for Super Bowl Sunday, they're starting to take over now!

In the weeks leading to Super Bowl Sunday, it's not uncommon that we'll start to see some of them leak online, we even start to see some teasers to commercials; they pull us in purposely so we have to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday to see the conclusion! One of the first one's we're seeing, is for Doritos. Doritos usually has some funny commercials debut, and now we're getting a taste of the first one with a teaser released that features America's cowboy- Sam Elliot.

Sam Elliot makes "Old Town Road" cool again. Now we're going to have to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday to see the conclusion of this commercial.

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