Lent has come, it has gone and we have parted ways as of yesterday. I cannot believe how time flew by in my final week of only drinking water and nothing else. So I thought yesterday morning I would be thrilled to have the drink I desperately craved. I actually couldn't decide on something yesterday morning so I prolonged my time. Normally before I would just rush myself to pick an answer but not this time.

This time I waited until I decided what I wanted my first drink of anything besides water be. I came to work and brought along my helpful mate which is a gallon motivational water bottle. I stuck it out with water pretty much most of the day until the evening. I began to crave lemonade so I figured I would make myself a glass. Long story short, the lemonade didn't come out as I had liked. Being disappointed with my turnout I just went back to drinking water. This morning I poured myself a glass of orange juice and it was alright. I thought my taste buds would have been happier to taste sugar but nope. Let's just say I feel like I rather drink my water concoctions with fruit instead. Hopefully, this next time around I can make a better glass of lemonade.

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