There is a little girl that would make some El Paso Catholics proud and give them a laugh or two. We as adults know the process for baptism and how it works unlike our children do. Well, usually before the baptism ceremony they always practice the routine at rehearsal.

Well, one family should feel proud of their little girl's hilarious move she made on the Priest performing the baptism. This video is proof that kids not only say the darndest things but also do the funniest things imaginable. Well, that is exactly what this little girl getting baptized did.

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If you're Catholic then you know the hand gesture that means you're being blessed. As for this child, she figured the Priest was expecting a high five when she saw his hand above her head. After the little girl finished doing the sign of the cross, she didn't leave the Father hanging so she gave him a quick high five.

It was pretty funny because her God Parent felt embarrassed by quickly holding down her arm. But it was quite cute and hilarious because the audience and even the Priest couldn't help but laugh. But after the high five, the woman standing beside the little girl made sure it wouldn't happen again.

The woman made sure to keep the little girl's arm down by her side so it wouldn't happen again. It seemed like the woman was a little bothered about what the little girl just did. Now, as a Catholic myself, I definitely found this hilarious and haven't seen it happen at the baptisms I have attended.

At most baptisms, I have been to I have mostly seen babies cry when they pour the water. But have not witnessed anything as hilarious as the little girl in the video from Ninos Haciendo Cagadas Twitter. Feel free to share if you've witnessed something funny at a baptism before in the poll below.

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