Some of us can't help feeling excited around Easter. It feels like the exact same excitement I had for Easter as a child, just for different reasons now. I am now counting down the days for Easter to save me from my cravings. I feel so extremely proud of myself for keeping my vow without failing. Granted I failed in my nightmares but that shouldn't count as cheating.

I will admit I feel giddy now that Easter is just a week away. The kind of giddy you felt when there was a basket of goodies waiting for you outside the door. Except, my giddy is over the pleasure I'll have after consuming any other drink that isn't water. I am still struggling to decide what drink I will chug down on Easter Sunday. I would like to be prepared with a decision when the time comes. Your help is greatly appreciated so pick where you think I should finalize my vow for Lent below.

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