People were pretty bummed when the closure of a famous local nightspot was announced. Unnecessary bum-ness though!

Erin's Bar has been a fixture of the local party scene for decades. Just about everyone in El Paso has played pool or darts there while knocking back a few cold ones and even karaoke haters grabbed the mic at Erin's!

Naturally, people were upset over news that Erin's was shutting down but, thankfully, it isn't true! A post on their Facebook page says:


Due to all the outstanding support we have encountered in the past week. We are going to attempt to save the bar! Erins is currently in the process of renovating and touching up this classic bar to keep our legacy going.

The post says Brandon Dubord, a 10-year Erin's veteran, has taken over and has a month to save Erin's. He's totally open to ideas on how to improve the place so if you have any suggestions, let him know!