It's nice having girls as friends on Facebook, since they'll post all kinds of interesting things on their timelines. Things we can learn from, and even things we can use as leverage against them.

This article falls under both categories, I think. Someone posted a link to a story on Cosmopolitan, explaining to women why they should sleep naked. Naturally, this caught my eye. Apparently, it's healthy for you, ladies. And you want to be healthy, right?

Their reasoning:

  • It'll air out your Hoo-Ha.
    I wasn't aware it needed to be air dried or hung up on the clothesline, but if it makes you feel better, we'll definitely feel better with you naked.
  • You'll look hotter.
    This goes without saying. You clothed...pretty hot. You naked...we stand at attention!
  • You'll have better sex.
    Duh...cuz you'll already be nekkid, and that's where we're hoping to get you, anyway. Don't let our nice guy routines confuse you. We might be nice, but we still want to get you nekkid. Deal with it.

There's more if you want to check it out, but those are the best reasons in my book.

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