Korn's Head is doing his part to try and protect his fans from scammers trying to steal their money. Korn guitarist Head recently shared a post on Instagram warning his over 438 thousand followers of one of many scammers who try to get the band's fans to give them money. The post has a screenshot of a conversation between someone impersonating him on social media attempting, poorly, to have a conversation as the guitarist. According to the PRP, this scammer was trying to charge fans $1,000 for "VIP fan ID."

The terrible grammar skills should be an instant clue to people that the Instagram user is clearly not Welch but just in case some may get fooled, Welch screenshotted the conversation to show his followers that he is not running an additional Instagram as Brianheadwelch8, which is similar to his real Instagram brianheadwelch. If you're looking for some rock stars who will give you some VIP shout outs, maybe try Cameo instead.

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