If you count Albuquerque as "near" El Paso that is...

C'mon, it's only 3 and a half hours or so. The road is long and straight so you can't get lost, the weather in August is pretty nice and, with a couple of friends along, the miles go quick.  Easy road trip!!

Korn are back at it with their new song, "You'll Never Find Me". (Check out the "visualizer", whatever the hell that is, above.) Their new album, to be titled "The Nothing", will be out September 13th. Between now and then, they are hitting the road and will visit Albuquerque August 27th. (Outside of Phoenix on August 31st, that's the closest they get to us.) Hopefully, at some point, they will come here but ... for now ... Albuquerque is our best option!

It's not only an easy road trip but, Socorro has a couple of pretty cool breweries that make it a great rest/gas stop on the way!

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