Many school districts across the country are starting to have kids returning to the classrooms for in-person learning. In the borderland, El Paso Independent School District will begin phasing in-person learning at schools starting on Tuesday, January 19th according to KTSM.  Since many children are returning to schools for the first time since the pandemic began, parents are wondering what they should send their children to school with to make sure they stay safe while back inside classrooms. Luckily, some teachers have been extremely helpful by giving parents a list of additional items kids should be sent to school with.

According to one 1st grade teacher, she gave a list of items she is asking her students to bring to class with them:

  • an extra mask
  • a lanyard to hold their mask while they're eating, drinking or at P.E.
  • their own school supplies including a pencil sharpener
  • their device and charger
  • headphones
  • a refillable water bottle
  • hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes
  • their own play-doh

The teacher also asked if at all possible for the parents to donate a case of water so students are able to refill their water bottles. The parent can also send their child with a water bottle large enough that the student won't run out of water during the day. According to the teacher, water fountains are shut off and pencil sharpeners are not in the classrooms for everyone's use.

To read more from this teacher, and others, on how to prepare your student for in-person learning, check out the Let School Bells Ring Facebook group.

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