Kid Rock has made his dream deal with the Milwaukee-based motorcycle maker.

Harley-Davidson is sponsoring Kid Rock's upcoming tour, "Rebel Soul".

The deal includes exclusive limited edition "Rebel Soul" merchandise featuring a line from the song, "I can't hear you over the rumble of my freedom." As the owner of multiple Harley bikes, Rock said:

"just makes sense because is something I've used that I've loved for a long time before this deal came out."

The tour begins this Friday in Kansas City and will end August 31st at Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee. (That sounds like a road trip. I think its time to start heading over to Barnett Harley-Davidson and start looking at a bike for me!! :) ... Dubba G already has one, so I want my own!!)

Here's the video to one of my new favorite songs, "Let's Ride" from his new album Rebel Soul!

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