If this WERE about an internship with us it would involve NONE of the following: getting paid...having fun...getting a free motorcycle. But all of those things apply to the internship I AM going to tell you about.

Harley Davidson is looking for summer interns who are either "junior or senior level college students" OR "recent college graduates who want to pursue a career in social media".

What they want are some interns who will get paid to ride one of their motorcycles for the entire summer and post about it on social media. That involves two of the main things millennials love the most: using social media and getting money! Also, you don't need to know how to ride a motorcycle to get this intern. Learning to ride is also part of the internship.

How could this internship possibly get any cooler? Well, when the internship is over you get to KEEP your Harley!!

Please, nobody show this to Glenn Garza. He would apply for this internship and we need him to work the midday shift this summer. For the rest of you who think this sounds like an awesome internship you can find out all about it by visiting here.

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