Who isn't happier "in the wind"?

A recent study shows lady riders were twice as happy as their non riding sisters in a number of areas, including confidence and their appearance.  According to the study:

More than half of those riders said the two-wheeled experience made them feel "free" and "independent." And while they were marginally less inclined to say they "usually feel good" about their senses of humor and intelligence, they were almost twice as likely to say they "usually feel good" about their sex appeal.

The study also indicates that women riders are happier with their careers, friendships and home lives; not to mention being twice as satisfied with their sex lives!  (No, it's not engine vibration or bumpy roads 'ya perv.)  According to journalist Susanna Schick (aka "pinkyracer"):

"Being a woman in a man's sport means I meet loads of men who tell me how much they dig chicks who ride."

Fellas, the chicks are wising up!  They're not jumping on Vespas or teeny, low cc metrics either.  Harley Davidson is selling twice as many bikes to the ladies as all the other manufacturers combined!  (Ladies, FYI, Barnett Harley - Davidson has an El Paso location and one in Cruces!!)

Some women even go the next step and stunt ride like my friend and co-El Pasoan Brandy Valdez.and her buds!

C'mon ladies, let's roll!





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