You name it ... she's done it!

Kelly Osbourne sure has had her share of hair colors (and styles for that matter). From blonde to red to black to spikes and curls and some hair things I don't think even I would do.

Of course, looking through these photos and a few more, I noticed I've done my share of colors and styles myself, so I'm not one to criticize. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago I went through a phase in which I would go from blue black hair to bleach blonde to red to black and so on. After so many procedures, my hair got tired (yes ... hair can only take so much) and I decided to perm it. (Of course) It got so damaged there was nothing else to do. So I went over to Walgreens on Resler and bought a hair cutting machine. (Imagine walking in there with seaweed-like hair. That sucked!) Yup, that afternoon I so rocked the shaved head.

The best part of it was I had just started a new job. So I had to dress extra-girlish (didn't want someone walking up to me and saying, "Excuse me Sir.")

With that being said ... check out these hair changing photos of the brave Kelly Osbourne. (My personal favorite is how she has it now ... I definitely like the purple locks!)

Which is your favorite?

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