What is going on at White Sands that I don't know about? Growing up in El Paso, White Sands was just a place to go when you wanted to do some sledding on sand. Maybe I'm too close to the situation that I don't understand the big deal, or maybe I've just always had White Sands available to me that I never really appreciated it. Well, lately it's become a celebrity hot spot!

Just two weeks ago we had Jordyn Woods, Kendall Jenner's bff, made a pit stop in El Paso where she was blessed to have some Whataburger and wasn't even impressed with it!  Well she went to White Sands. Kendall Jenner did a fashion shoot for Missoni at White Sands. And even Brad Pitt did a GQ photo shoot at White Sands!

Earlier this week we learned that Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly were spotted at the El Paso International Airport and got some great pictures thanks to Stephanie M. Peaden! Well, yesterday, brother Jack shared on Instagram pictures of him and Kelly enjoying a beautiful sunset at White Sands. How do I know it was White Sands? Other than the obvious white sand, Jack tagged the location. Jack also shared a pretty picture of Kelly which you can check out here. I'm going to have to start hanging out at White Sands!