One of the hottest toys to appear this holiday season are Bumchems! Yes, these little fuzzy balls are pretty cool toys that children can build 3D creations with. The bright, colorful, squishy toys are also causing a headache for parents as they are beginning to get caught in their children's hair.

You might think it's not a big deal to get one of these squishy toys in your hair, but you are sadly mistaken. Reviews for Bunchems on Amazon has plenty of parents sharing horror stories of having to cut their child's hair to remove the pesky fuzzy balls. Before parents freak out, Bunchems has released a video to help parents remove the balls with some helpful tips. 

I am really interested in getting these for the kids in my family, so I may steal them and build inappropriate things. I don't think people should be mad at the company -- they should warn their children about the dangers of putting things in their hair. The best use of these toys is probably going to be threatening to throw them at people who annoy you.