A cold front is expected to hit El Paso soon, meanwhile, northern parts of Texas are already experiencing a blast of winter weather.

While Texans prepare themselves for the cold, many are turning to Whataburger; not just for their delicious honey butter biscuits, but for their Styrofoam cups because many are using the cups in an ingenious way!

Texans are using the large Styrofoam cups from Whataburger to insulate exposed pipes! Over on Twitter, FOX 26's Matt Seedorff shared a video of the ingenuity and people are praising it!

This is just one of the many ways that Texans are preparing for the winter blast- aside from covering our plants, or brining in our plans and pets!

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Twitter user @MmSmitheson said:

I used @Whataburger cups in Feb ‘21, and they didn’t fail me! Using them again this time. #WinterStorm

Of course, we all know how the Winter Storm of 2021 went in Texas; so if someone how survived that is telling you this worked, then it totally works.

It looks simple to make, all you need is a shirt, Seedorff does not that a shirt is likely underneath covering the pipe completely and then the Whataburger cup is used to help insulate the exposed pipe.

Sure, there were a few naysayers in the comments, but for the most part there was support and other hacks, like some who say they use pool noodles to insulate pipes before a big storm!

Despite the naysayers, I say, if it works- then there's no harm in trying it, right? Hope everyone stays warm and safe during these winter months in Texas!

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