Okay, this is pretty cool. We all just learned how an alligator could survive in a frozen pond in Beaumont, Texas after the freeze hit the Lone Star state!

We all know that alligators are cold-blooded, right? Well, apparently that also means that they can't regulate their own temperature when it gets cold out! So what happens when temperatures drop outside, kind of like how Texas was recently hit with a cold snap?

Well, now we know- all thanks to Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas where we got to see just exactly what a gator does when it's in a frozen pond! Check it out below.

How cool is that?

The alligator is in a state of brumation- which is a reptilian version of hibernating, and as the man in the video mentioned- his heart is beating at three beats per minute! I don't know why, but I felt like this information was necessary to share!

Alligator in Texas stunned in cold weather
Matthew Essman via Unsplash

I had never wondered what happens to gators during the winter; but I had heard of iguanas experiencing something similar. Iguanas in Florida also go into a state of brumation; except the iguanas are in trees so when they become stunned from the cold weather- they end up falling out of trees!

Anthony Rae via Unsplash
Anthony Rae via Unsplash

Because the iguanas are stunned and don't move- many think they're dead! But they're not, they're just frozen.

Gator Country is an adventure park and reptile rescue in Beaumont, Texas. You can find out more about them here.

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