Forgetting your wife’s birthday is usually going to be a big problem, and for Florida man Joseph Bray, it led to a martial spat and a night in prison. But when Judge John “Jay” Hurley decided the light pushing and shoving that had gone down after the birthday snub didn’t warrant any further incarceration, he hit Bray with a sentence that some fellows are going to think cruel and unusual.

By the power of Broward Co., Florida, Bray was going to be taking his wife on a date.

In fact, the judge decreed that Bray’s first stop upon release from prison would be to buy his wife flowers and a card. He was to go home, wash up, and treat his bride to an evening of Red Lobster and bowling. Oh that sounds dreamy!

It was actually the wife who suggested the bowling idea to the judge. And given the power she held over her hubby during that moment, her date that even Homer Simpson wouldn’t mind makes her seem like a pretty swell gal. Definitely date-able, and at least worthy of a once-a-year birthday remembrance.

We’ll be sure to look her up the next time hubby is in jail.

[Via Sun-Sentinel]