2012 begins at midnight MST Sunday morning right??  Not exactly ...

We're coming up on New Years Eve pretty quick here, so I thought I'd try and figure out (translation, I googled it) exactly what order the big moment hits around the world. 

Midnight here (relative to Pacific Standard Time) hits about the time that some other countries have already partied it up and passed out!!

By the list below, the new year doesn't reach America anywhere near first.  We're down in the 30's ... dang near last!!  (Samoa and Tokelau reach 2012 first.)

Chart courtesy of timeanddate.com 

I think I'm going to start partying now (I'm never the last to do that!!) and keep going through early Tuesday.  That way I'm celebrating the new year at the right time everywhere in the world and maybe in another galaxy or 2!

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