Planning a date night is becoming easier now that El Paso has been gaining new attractions. Luckily now El Pasoans can keep their options open when it comes down to planning what two could do for fun.

People who are either barely trying or coming out of their shell to start dating again have it lucky now. There have been more than a few attractions that El Paso has gained for our entertainment. I created a poll giving you a few options on what kind of date night you would enjoy. If you're like me and would want to pick them all is exactly why I purposely left out an all of the above answer. If it's the first date I usually avoid something that could get competitive like a date night at Dave & Busters. So what kind of date night would you plan for your current interest? The typical date night you always hear about is dinner and a movie then there are those who need more adventure.

Let us know what your type of a fun Friday date night would be by taking the poll below!

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