So, I got bored and decided to do some of my show in Buzz' studio, which is probably a bad idea, considering all the crap lying around, and the sicknesses they all spread around. I found they have a lot of junk in here, and it's pretty messy. It looks like Fernie has been cleaning again, but it's still a mess.

Does the salt make the birth control taste better with the whiskey?

Buzz Studio 1
Are those birth control pills with the whiskey? And I've seen Buzz go into the bathroom with those wipes. Gross
Buzz Studio 3
Toaster. On the floor. In case you're too drunk, and you're lying on the floor and want toast.
Buzz Studio 4
Cold and cough syrup, since they're always passing around something communicable.
Buzz Studio 5
Their webcam, and some (partially) eaten food. Someone will probably eat the rest sometime this week.
Buzz Studio 6
The Buzz Music World...his banjo, guitar and another exercise toy that doesn't get used. There's a karaoke machine back there, too.
Buzz Studio 2
Buzz' Shake-Weight. Don't ask.

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