It's Shark Week! It's one of my favorite TV events of the year, right up there with the "31 Days of Halloween" on Freeform. We did mention on the show that lately, Shark Week has not been great. It probably started that year that they said Michael Phelps was going to race a shark and it was a lie! There was no shark! We had to pretend that there was a shark racing Phelps, we all felt bamboozled. This year, they promised a fight between Mike Tyson and a shark, and at least this year, Tyson actually got in the water with real sharks. Unfortunately for us, Tyson didn't bite the shark, or vice versa.

Nonetheless, every year, I'm fascinated with the new shows they bring out. I'm usually fascinated by the Great White shark and their gestation period. Great White sharks are usually pregnant for eleven months and then they can give birth to up to twelve babies! That's why sharks are so angry! You try being pregnant for eleven months with twelve babies!

Anyways, while watching all these shows, I need some snacks! Now, you can do the regular old chips and dip but, it's shark week! Step up your snack game! In this video I'll show you two different snacks you can make ahead of time. If you have a sweet tooth then you'll definitely love the Twinkie shark. If that's too sweet for you then no problem, I make my favorite snack which I like to call "Shark Bait." But be advised, I'm no Martha Stewart!


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