I remember doing a project in the fifth grade that asked how I envisioned the world would be in 2020, I thought we all would be dead because, you know, Y2K. I took a lot of ideas from movies. According to Back to the Future II, in 2015 we were supposed to have shoes that laced up on their own and hover boards. We kind of got hover boards, but not really. In 2019, according to Blade Runner, we were supposed to have bio engineered humanoids that were hunted down by blade runners. By the time we got to 2020, Pacific Rim scared us into thinking that Kaiju's were going to attack the Earth and our only hope was to be saved by Jaeger's.

So, maybe, sci-fi movies have gotten it wrong all along. Really, there was no way of predicting the disaster fire that is 2020. Hollywood has taken lots of creative liberties when painting a future and it's always been fun to think about. The New York Post has a great article on 5 sci-fi movies set in 2020 and how they envisioned this year. Below, I have a list of films set in 2020 and the (not so) distant future that totally did not do a good job warning us about 2020!

Snowpiercer (set in 2031.. only 11 more years to go!) 

Edge of Tomorrow (Set in 2020)

Pacific Rim (Set in 2020)

Children of Men (Set in 2027) 

Sunshine (Set in 2057) 

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