Jill Janus from the band Huntress called into the KLAQ Morning Show to discuss her experience living in New York and working in the Twin Towers on September 10th.


Jill Janus is in the new National Geographic documentary "9:10: The Final Hours," where they talk about the day before and the things that happened leading up to the tragedy on 9/11. Jill was a DJ on the 107th floor on Tower 1, where she worked at Windows In The World. She discussed with the morning show her won experiences working in the Twin Towers, where she was when the towers were hit and how New York was on the ground during the tragedy. She told us details on the tragedy I don't think I will ever forget.

Everyone was just crying, hanging out and getting drunk. And then you started to smell, this metallic smell. And then you started to smell the bodies.

Listen to our interview with Jill above and see her in the National Geographic documentary, "9:10: The Final Hours."

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