El Paso has had support from all over the world which includes celebrities. One celebrity was spotted at the New Mexico Comic Expo showing support for El Paso. The ever so studly and my forever celebrity man-crush Jason Mamoa was showing support. Jason Mamoa was at the New Mexico Comic Expo in Albuquerque recently and surprised El Pasoans.

The local t-shirt shop, Viva La Mocha must be feeling proud to see their humble work spreading outside of El Paso. Matthew Roybal caught a quick video of Jason Mamoa walking around with fans at the New Mexico Comic Expo. In that video, you will see Jason Mamoa sporting an El Paso Strong t-shirt while he is walking around. We have a lot of support from many non-natives who also believe we are El Paso strong. It is heartwarming for someone like Jason Mamoa to also show he supports El Paso. Check out the video of him in the El Paso strong t-shirt at the New Mexico Comic Expo above!