The man who has occasionally upset his father for the insane things he has done on Jackass is coming to El Paso. The comedic stunt performer, Steve-O will be returning to the Sun City next month. Steve-O plans on bringing his hilarious skit back to Bart Reed's Comic Strip. The last time I remember seeing Steve-O in El Paso was in 2015 and ecstatic he's finally coming back. Steve-O has always been a humble man when it came to his popularity status.

Doesn't matter where he was if someone approached him asking to take a selfie with him he was totally down. The last time he was in El Paso he did more than a few shows from Thursday through Sunday. Next month it will be a little different when he comes to perform at the Comic Strip. Steve-O will be at Bart Reed's Comic Strip for just a couple of days. You will be able to see his stand up comedy on either Friday or Saturday night for December 6 and December 7. Don't miss out on all the laughter you can have at the expense of Steve-O.

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