The Fourth of July is a fun time for El Pasoans of all ages with celebrations, barbecues, family, friends, and those loud and pricey fireworks lighting up the night sky. 

However, for our pets, it can be a stressful and frightening experience. The loud noises and bright lights can cause anxiety, leading many pets to run off and get lost. According to local animal shelters, the day after the 4th of July is usually a busy one for many shelters because of pets that go missing after trying to escape the loud popping noises.

If Your Pets Escape:

In case your pet does escape, contact local shelters such as the Humane Society and the City of El Paso Animal Services Shelter

Social media pages like the Animal Rescue League of El Paso and Lost & Found Pets of El Paso on Facebook can also be valuable resources.

Ahead of this 4th of July holiday keep your pets in mind and plan if you’ll be leaving your pets home alone during the 4th of July holiday.

Tips to make sure your pets stay safe and secure during the 4th of July:

1. Microchip Your Pets:

Before the holiday, visit your vet or local animal shelter to get your pet microchipped. If they are already microchipped, double-check that the information is current. A microchip significantly increases the chances of your pet being returned if they get lost.

2. Consider Anxiety/Calming Medications:

If your pet suffers from anxiety, consult your vet about appropriate medications. Ensure you have enough to keep your pet calm through the holiday. Even if your pet is not typically anxious, fireworks can trigger stress, so having meds on hand is a good precaution.

3. Create a Safe Space:

It's best to keep pets indoors during fireworks. A quiet, windowless room with comforting sounds like calming music or a TV can help. The goal is to minimize exposure to the frightening noises outside. Using a fan or white noise machine can also be beneficial.

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