Do you remember the first time you set foot in a GameStop? How about the first game you purchased at the store? Many Texans are walking down GameStop memory lane after one twitter user revealed something quite interesting.

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Twitter user @nostalgicOOC, which goes by Out of Context Nostalgic, does a really great job of sharing photos that may induce nostalgic memories. One of their most recent entries revealed that in Harlingen, Texas, there's a GameStop that still has one iconic poster on the window. Check it out below!

That poster has been on that window since 2007! And Mario is still looking good! You would think he'd be a little faded after 16 years, but he's looking just as good as he did when the game was released!

Super Mario Galaxy was released on November 1, 2007 and it is actually set in space- duh- where Mario travels through different galaxies. I actually remember playing that on a Wii!

Many in the comments section were surprised that they still held on to that poster. Then there were many others in the comments who pointed out that their local GameStop's also had the same exact poster on their window!

As you can tell, no one is mad at this happy coincidence.

But it does make you wonder why, of all the posters, is this one still on the windows of many other GameStop's? Is it permanently glued to the window? Or is it just really good at blocking the sun's rays? I'll just have to go check if there's any in El Paso that have that 2007 poster on their window too!

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