This has been going on for years .... c'mon already!!  

An online petition has resurfaced urging the city of El Paso to connect two sections of Sean Haggerty in far Northeast El Paso.  For those not familiar with the situation, Sean Haggerty runs east/west between US-54 and Dyer.  A section of it between McCombs and Dyer has never been paved and is actually blocked near Angora Loop.

Unless you have a 4x4, jeep or dirt bike; you're not using Sean Haggerty to travel between Dyer and McCombs. 

Residents are forced to travel all the way to Sun Valley just to come up a block to McCombs and then backtrack to area businesses, schools, friends, etc.  Several miles as opposed to about a hundred yards. Even worse, emergency vehicles must also take the long way around, losing valuable time. Time that could mean the difference between property damage vs. total loss or ... even worse ... life vs. death.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

It's not a very long gap, (indicated in red), and more traffic through that area would also make it harder for illegal dumpers to do their crap. I say the city needs to join the two sections asap.  What do you think?  Please express your thoughts here and via the petition.


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