Fall has now officially arrived but I don't think we'll be breaking out the heavy winter clothes just yet.

Today is officially the first day of fall and, while the slightly lower temperatures and the sound of football games totally help set the mood, the days of heavy jackets and nights around bonfires are still a ways away for the Borderland.

Not that it typically gets all that cold around here anyway, we are in the desert after all, but shorter and colder days are on the way. I love this time of the year, especially when it comes to riding my motorcycle. I love riding anytime but, having a 100+ temperature beating down on me while a couple of hundred degrees are coming off the engine under me gets old. Fall is the best around here as the temperatures get more comfortable than cold, all the trees and plants are still green, and ... unlike spring ... there really isn't any wind. (El Pasos' windy season is the only time I DON'T like living here.)

Fall will be, as usual, pretty mild and this winter will be a warm one according to El Paso's favorite meteorologist, Chuck DeBroder. Chuck says:

Then Daytime average highs will warm into the 70's for the 2nd half of February, into March & April. As the pattern looks right now, this may be our 4th consecutive "non winter". Do not give up hope on at least a dozen or so icy cold winter days and our normal 2 to 3 days of snow flurries. Maybe 1 or 2 of possible snow accumulation.

Keep up with Chuck's forecasts via his Facebook page or his website. Maybe a mild winter is 2020's way of apologizing for all the other crap it's brought us!

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