“Karen” is at it again. A mom posted a video she took when she was confronted by a cantankerous woman who was upset that there were children…playing! In a PARK, of all places!

The older lady makes it clear, though, that what she’s REALLY mad about isn’t a 3 year old driving a Power Wheel toy; it’s a 3 year old driving a Power Wheel toy WITHOUT a license!

Quoth the Karen: “What bothers me is you’ve got a little kid in here that doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

It’s a Power Wheel! My daughter had a pink one when she was little. It’s made of plastic, runs off a 12 volt battery and weighs 20 pounds, tops. Can you imagine how upset she would be if she knew the toddler was also an uninsured motorist? It’s a good thing nobody had a juicy box in there. That would have violated all kinds of open container laws in the Karen-verse.

Also, and this is a minor point, I feel like the lady in this video is a little too old to be a “Karen”. They need a separate term for a Karen who is over the age of 60. Maybe “Betty”? “Betty” seems like a common name for a 60 to 80 year old panicky white lady.

Here’s the system I propose:

  • 20-35 years of age= “Becky”
  • 35-60 = “Karen”
  • 60-80 = “Betty”
  • 80-100 = “Lily Mae”? Maybe, “Dorcus”? “Dorcus” was an actual name that…no lie…more than 1 old lady in my church had.
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