Thanks to apps like Tinder and OkCupid, finding someone to connect with has gotten much easier. But apps like those get updates all the time, so why not update the way you online date? Well now you can! A new dating website called Pheramor makes finding your match as simple as a cheek swab!

Pheramor analyzes your DNA and matches you with potential partners. It's basically like a 23 and Me except instead of finding your ancestors, you're finding your future bae! According to Pheramor, it can pinpoint 11 genes "proven" to determine romantic and sexual attraction, build you a profile, and give you a compatibility score that matches you with other users, all based on genetics But it still is a dating app, so it will also gather all your information from your different social media accounts to help create your profile and will also help you find your match!

The app is $10 monthly, plus $19.99 for the kit (which is basically a q-tip you swab your cheek with) and they promise to keep your DNA samples secure. It's already available in Houston and it plans to expand to other cities soon. Take the poll below to let us know if DNA dating is something you'd be interested in!

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