I have grown up having pure guy friends and a handful of chick friends throughout my life. The way I see it is us ladies can be full of drama sometimes and tend to get others involved. I have always enjoyed having my guy friends in my life because they're not full of drama, help make you stronger, fun to party with, tell you how a guy thinks and doesn't hold on to grudges like chicks do..  Although we may enjoy it more than others for example your significant other can have a big problem with it, which can lead to problems in your relationship. What your significant other can worry about is if you ever "hooked up" with any of your guy friends or if one of the guys are into you. There are many pros and cons to having mostly guys as friends than chicks and the same for guys having more chicks as friends than dudes.  I created a poll below hoping to get your input, if it is bad or alright to have more friends of the opposite sex?