This was a topic we saw on Reddit and decided to try it with our listeners. Each of us chose a song that we thought we could Inception into our listeners minds with only 5 or fewer words. Here are the results so far, although voting continues through our Twitter, Facebook or you can drop us a voice-mail on our toll-free MoSho Neckline at 844-805-6325

1.) Joanna

Coming in with the most votes it’s Joanna Barba and her earworm choice that goes, “SomeBODY once told me…”.

These, of course, are the opening lyrics of the seminal Smash Mouth classic, “All Star”. This song is so infectious we think Joanna could’ve been in first place using only one word: the “SomeBODY…”. Aaaand…ear wormed!

2.) Brandon

Lots of listeners voted Brandon’s “Just a small town girl…” was the most earwormy. It wasn’t all that close to Joanna’s but it’s well ahead of our third and fourth place entries.

3.) Buzz

“I’m a Barbie Girl…”. I, like Mattel, hated this song when I first heard it in 1997. Unlike Mattel, I haven’t grown to like it anymore over the course of the years. (TRUE FACT: Mattel sued MCA Records over the song claiming that it infringed on their copyrights and trademarks and that it “portrayed Barbie in a negative manner”. In 2009, Mattel was using the song in their OWN Barbie Commercials!!)

Somehow, this song that I hated, still hate and haven’t heard in years STILL gets stuck in my brain from time to time. It happens at least twice a year and THAT is the reason I hate the entire county of Denmark.

4.) Lisa

In last place it’s Lisa’s earworm, “In the Jungle the Mighty…” . I actually think this one is going to move up throughout the day as people find themselves doing the A-Wimoweh A-Wimoweh part. It’s a slow-burn earworm.

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