If you're like me and fear Friday the 13, then you suffer from Paraskavedekatriaph along with 17 - 30 million other people. This day has NEVER been good to me for each year I lived through one.

Hence, why I absolutely hate being out on a day like today. I am wearing my lucky ring today since I have to work and fear I could possibly slip up. I let a day like today affect me so much I would wrap myself in bubble wrap if I could. DreamWorks TV explains about the number 13 being considered a bad luck number. The number 13 is a bad luck number for me and even hotels and neighborhoods believe so too. If you ever notice some hotels that have more than 12 floors usually skip floor 13 and jump to 14. Places that have been known to have the number 13 has had reports about weird activity.

So if you also suffer from Paraskavedekatriaph be sure to lock yourself in for the day to avoid any bad luck.

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