Ari Lehman is known as being the first Jason Voorhees. You know the one who jumps out at the end of the original Friday the 13th, on to the boat and kills a chick? Yeah, isn't child Jason adorable? Well now he is all grown up and in a freaking monster metal band called First Jason. 

Now knowing this, it is no surprise why metal and horror-loving band Ice Nine Kills have added Ari to their latest acoustic song, "Thank God It's Friday." On October 25th, Ice Nine Kills released "The Silver Scream: Extended Cut" which features a cover of Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller." this latest acoustic collaboration and much more.

While the Jason Voorhees inspired song is receiving some major love, I bet Google is too for all those fans searches for Ari Lehman. I have to say, I am digging some First Jason music, so thanks to Ice Nine Kills, you have plenty of new songs to add to your Halloween playlist.

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