Ever since I was a child I haven't ever been able to enjoy a Friday if it was a Friday the 13th. I am not crazily superstitious but do have certain superstitions I have believed in for a reason. Well, Friday the 13th is a day I haven't ever been able to escape bad juju. Seriously, no joke either being out and about or just at home something bad has always happened to me. I am one of those people who isn't a fan of Friday if it lands on the 13. In the past, I have experienced bad luck every single time this particular day rolls around. A friend of mine also shares the same fear except he goes to the extreme of staying safe. Usually, when Friday the 13 comes around he will take the day off from work, cut off contact with people except for his parents and stay home.

Sometimes for some people, they won't experience anything bad at all on that kind of day. But for others (like me and my friend) we can't ever avoid back luck on Friday the 13th. So the last Friday the 13th we had was in March this year and like always didn't go well for me. It was actually my first Friday back at work since I was out on maternity leave for the longest time. Well, in the morning I had spilled coffee on me before even getting to work. Oh, but that isn't it. So throughout my shift had a few hiccups along the way but got through them. Soon to follow, after completing my shift I said a little prayer asking for protection on my way home. Thankfully, I got home safely but didn't exactly get inside my home in a safe manner. Well, on my SUV I have side steps to help give me a boost to get inside my ride. I sometimes use the side steps when I am exiting out from my SUV and no longer use them anymore. I thought my foot was positioned correctly but I was way off. The back of my heel had gotten stuck which by the way it hurt like hell. I almost beefed it so hard but managed to escape my steel sidestep. It will be a miracle if this Friday the 13th can actually be nice to me for once in my life. Let me know if you have bad juju on a day like Friday the 13th in the poll below.

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