Some people in El Paso aren't superstitious while others are. Some follow guidelines when it comes to superstitions while others don't believe in it. Growing up in a Hispanic family I was taught about some superstitions that I still practice.

One in particular that I have been following since I was a kid is not to cut your nails on a Friday or Sunday. My son cuts his own finger and toenails now and he even follows the superstition. I hate to say it but certain superstitions I grew up following still have me believing and got me like a law-abiding citizen.

It has been said that it is bad luck to cut your nails or toenails on a Friday or Sunday. Apparently, cutting your nails on a Friday brings sorrow. Also cutting your nails on a Sunday means the devil will be with you all week.

Almost everyone in my family, which means my uncles, aunts, cousins, and even some friends do this, so it is kind of hard not to believe.

I remember a friend of mine was cutting her nails and I had told her about the superstition of cutting nails on Fridays and Sundays. She hadn't heard of it ever while a few other girlfriends who were also there had known about it.

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